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September 14

1912 Blues artist Leon Archibald Gross born in New Orleans, LA.
1944 Rat-pack era leggy song and dance gal Joey Heatherton born.
1946 Pete Agnew, voc/bass with the Shadettes, the Main Event, and Nazareth born in Scotland.
1946 Hot off the bus from Montgomery, Hank and Audrey Williams accost Fred Rose (of publishing bigwigs, Acuff-Rose) and his son in Nashville as they play ping-pong. Hank sings, contract offered, history made.
1947 Jon "Bowser" Baumann of the 50's revival band Sha Na Na born.
1948 Vernon Dalhart dies either today or tomorrow at age 65. Vernon performed the biggest selling recording of the pre-electric period - "The Wreck of the Old '97", his later career concentrated on songs about disasters.
1949 Steve Gaines of Lynyrd Skynyrd born.
1950 Guitarist Paul Kossoff of the band Free born. All right now.
1955 Little Richard records, "Tutti Frutti."
1955 Barry Cowsill of the Cowsills born. Family friendly TV show kept band on the charts and in the hearts of pre-teens nationwide, for moments at a time.
1959 Morten Harket of A-Ha born.
1963 Pete Seeger refuses to sign an oath of loyalty to the US in order to appear on the ABC show Hootenany. He and other "lefties" are blacklisted from show.
1963 The Beatles' She Loves You #1 in the UK, while the Angels' My Boyfriend's Back #1 in the States. Eventually the cutsey English stuff would win out over the naughty neo-realist trend in American music.
1967 John Power of the La's born.
1968 In an article in Billboard, Pete Townsend outlines his plans for a rock opera about a deaf, dumb, and blind pinball player.
1968 The animated Archies Show debuts on CBS. This saturday morning cartoon focuses on the band ambitions of the witless high-schoolers.
1976 Bob Dylan's TV special "Hard Rain" is broadcast. Nearly 25,000 attending the original Colorado concert got drenched.
1981 Bluesman Walter "Furry" Lewis dies of a heart attack.
1986 New York concert promoter Ruth Polsky, 31, is killed by an out of control taxi outside the Limelight niteclub. Ruth was the first to place monitors around a club and play video for the dancers. She had willed her records to the ARChive, but goulish record dealers camp out on the steps and buy them off the family.
1989 Mambo bandleader Perez Prado dies.
1991 Release date of Nirvana's Nevermind.
1997 In an attempt to enter enter the Guinness Book of World Records, 1,200 guitarist, led by members of the Cars and Boston, gather along the river Charles to play the Standells big hit, "Dirty Water".
1999 Yoko Ono grants fellow corporate entity, Hilton Hotels, the right to use a photo of her and John Lennon from the famous 1969, "Bed-In for Peace," piece in Amsterdam, where the couple never left their bed for a week. Originally a plea to stay in bed and grow your hair rather than do any harm, the new tag line says that the Hilton is so electronically loaded you'll never have to leave your room. Shame.