Fiddle Workshop @ ARC

Last week ARC was pleased to host a Scandinavian fiddle workshop with Anna Lindblad and Ryan Drickey! Anna shared tunes from her home region of Västergötland, Sweden, and Ryan shared his genius approach to harmonizing. It’s a mix-and-match world as Anna was off to Louisiana to polish up on her Cajun chops, and Coloradoan Ryan recently had a Fulbright to study fiddling in Sweden.

Seven fiddlers took the workshop, including Klezmatic Paul Morrissette. For everyone who couldn’t be there, check out Anna’s new CD, Anna Lindblad med Vänner. ARC is happy to say that this CD is now a part of the permanent collection.

ARC is making a subtle and important shift to more public events and community initiatives. Our space, between our two yearly record sales, will be available for meetings, workshops, exhibitions and any ol’ music related event that we find interesting. So the fiddle workshop follows on the heels of our One LP exhibition by photographer William Ellis. Next up it’s our biggest and best Holiday Record Sale, Dec 13 – 21; this year sponsored by Next year we plan on opening up the ARC’s listening room to the general public.